Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I've been tinkering with this for a while: my first video post.

I'm realizing that some (many?) of you may never have seen what, exactly, I do in my work with actors, so here you go. Let me know what you think. Be gentle.

First, here's the "tutorial:"

And below is the companion piece-- a bit of the final scene, cut together. Yes, it's a little rough, but given that it's a classroom (a conference room overlooking the Hudson, actually) and not a set, I'm pretty pleased with the work that's done.

But before you watch it, a few words about the scene partner, Kyla Druckman:

she's an NYU senior who, given that she's done more film than theatre, doesn't know how NOT to live in the moment. Watch her almost control the scene through silence-- and her strong, secret thoughts about Don.

Lesson: on film, your ability to listen is, in my experience, more important than your ability to speak. Watch:

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